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SDR radio : which radio to choose, and where to find it ?

UNMAINTAINED PAGE  last updated 03/2015


ready to use : FLEX with the new Flex 1500 at a very competitive price - Flex is also the designer of the main softwares used with SDR (PowerSDR) and has let one of the sources free of use for ham radio.
kits :
The famous US Softrock offered by KB9YIG- see also usefull parts on QRPprojects  and HFprojects for amplifiers and filters. See also HobbyPCB , communication concepts
This 6.3 release is not more produced, but replaced by the RX/TX ensemble . So the MOBO team has  developped  a clone of the 6,3 TX/RX. A complete all band HF transceiver.  See yoyodine  to order the 6.3ng   (MOBO+6.3ng kits cost 205€ shipped to France with all options) and Alan site to order the MOBO with options. Read also TF3LJ . ( still some kits for sale in Feb 2013, may be not for a long time !)
A few "widgets" are offered to improved the use of these kits, like usb sound card devices, by G. Boudreau (sdr-widget closed) or Christos SV1EIA (USB2SDR) Ask on the forum how to order one.
see also :
A german kit FA-SDR-TRX, also a one card clone of the 6,3 TX/RX re-design  by DL2EWN and for sale as a complete kit on FunkAmateur, including a small 1W amp and a nice small box ( all for 240€ shipped to France), described by TObias DH1TW. Documentation is unfortunatly written in Deutch only ! I just built one kit, easy to do as most of the smt are already installed, and with experience of the softrock, i didn't need to translate all the documentation. I recommend to people who read deutch or who has experience of another SDR system. Compared to MOBO design, this solution works as well, but with less options, and with a manual switching of the band filters ( at home, as using poor antenna system, most of the time I don't need to use the input filters )  - some of these kits are not any more available in 2015.
A few HF australian kits GENESIS Radio  , several monoband units, and a G11  multiband TX/RX , smt component pre-assembled
UHFSDR is another good design made by Dave WB6DHW defined to work up to 700 Mhz (201 usd), with filters ( see full kits sold by K5BCQ)
Much more expensive than usual I/Q systems ( 500 € and more...): The last SDR concept  DUC/DDC (Digital Up and Down Conversion)  OPENHPSDR project (HERMES, ANAN) sold as kits or assembled by TAPR , or N9VV,  - HiQSDR design by NA2ADR sold by DB1CC. 
A new kit by VE7PKE in 2013: The STM32-SDR is a hardware and software project that takes a STM32 DSP processor and adds a 3.2” TFT display and some user controls which allows you to use a SDR radio like an Ensemble RXTX without a PC.
Yes A stand alone SDR without a PC. I have build one and added a 20 W PA from K5BCQ and must say it works very well !
HERMES-LITE : a 150 usd project in 2015 for a lite DUC/DDC transceiver : I got one of the first parts from his author K7FO - see the forum and don't miss the next will not be disappointed.
A french SDR  the TRANSFOX  sold by RFHam ...
An interesting kit from PA0KLT  : a standalone Synthetiser from 3,5 to 945 MHz
List of  main google or yahoo groups where to find informations and help :  for Softrock kits and usb2sdr widget about PowerSDR modified by SV1EIA about a client/server project to drive most of the sdr hardware!forum/sdr-widget the group working on the ghpsdr3-Alex project  for MOBO kits   UHF SDR from WB6DHW   Transfox group in french  another french group on the SDR    sdr all-in one avec une carte STM32 par VE7PKE!forum/hermes-lite   sdr DUC/DDC projet HERMES-LITE par K7FO


Other LINKS to visit  G4ZFQ   KD5TFD    M0KGK     WB5RVZ    F4DAN    PA3FWM   F6AOJ
See and Listen On Air SDR SERVERS :   SDR-RADIO   TwenteSDR   W4MQ (not available)  


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